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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

6 Tips for Natural Dandruff Treatment | Dandruff home remedies

Dandruff is a very common skin condition that nearly all people of all ages experience at one point of time in their life. There are a quiet a few natural dandruff treatments available and easily done at home. Our daily food is our medicine. Many of us fail to understand natural foods contain abundant healing properties for all types of diseases. We can prevent us from diseases by the practice of daily food usage. Learn the way our ancestors lived healthier and happier.

Dandruff home remedies include the use of varieties of fruits, fruit preparations, vegetables, and nuts that we regularly use in our day-to-day life. These dandruff solutions are harmless and have no side effects whatsoever. Anyone of any age group can adopt this procedure with out any fear. There are some methodologies to adopt these dandruff control treatments in order to make it more effective. The following are the ingredients used for dandruff treatment.
Henna powder,olive oil,lime,apple cider vinegar,coconut milk,beetroot juice,ginger juice,fenugreek,shikakai,almonds.
One needs to understand the root cause of dandruff. Dandruffs are scales formed in the scalp, arising due to unclean scalp. Over a period, these scales build up into larger and more noticeable flakes called dandruff before they fall off the skin. Dandruff begins with unbalanced diet and poor nutrition. Therefore, what you eat is important. Intensity of scaling further triggered by food allergies, stress, excessive perspiration, and usage of harsh shampoos. Climatic conditions also play a major role in worsening the intensity of scaling or dandruff. Dry winter seasons are the main culprits to worsen the dandruff attack.
Prevention of Dandruff                                                        
·         Avoid scratching your head using sharp corners of your comb. This may appear very soothing at that moment, but this injures your scalp causing burning sensation while taking bath. This further worsens and forms dandruff.
·         Stay away from fried and oiled foodstuffs. Too much of coffee and liquour adds dandruff. Instead, depending on foods containing zinc like rice with bran, oysters, lean meat (chicken), and pasta is a good prevention against dandruff.
·         Wash your hair once a week with green gram paste to prevent dandruff. 
Dandruff home remedies
  1.  Lime juice dandruff treatment: Rinse your hair with fresh lime juice instantly squeezed from a lemon. Alternatively, use a peel of lime (dried in sun for 10 days) immersed in coconut milk to rinse your hair. One can also mix fresh lime-juice with curd to rinse your hair before going to bed. Finally rinse your hair with flowing water.
  2. Apple Cidar Vinegar dandruff treatment:  Pour equal parts of apple cidar vinegar and water in a container. Apply evenly throughout your hair and leave it for few minutes. Finally rinse your hair with flowing water.
Olive oil dandruff treatment: Massage your scalp with warm olive oil. (Care to taken to use good quality olive oil). Steam a clean towel and wrap round your head for few minutes.
4.     Beetroot dandruff treatment: Peel off fresh beetroot and cut in to pieces. Pluck a handful of henna leaves. Mix them well and grind it to form a good paste. Apply the paste on the hair and allow it remain for a few minutes and rinse with flowing water. Alternatively, prepare a mixture of beetroot juice, ginger juice, and apply to your hair. This preparation is also a good solution for hair fall. Wash thoroughly your hair with the help of shikakai.
5.   Almond and olive oil dandruff treatment:  Peel off the brown skin of almonds (5 – 6 nos). Prepare a paste and mix with olive oil. Apply this paste evenly on your scalp and allow it remain for a few minutes and rinse with flowing water.
6       Fenugreek dandruff treatment:  Soak a teaspoon full fenugreek seeds in water the previous night. Ensure that the seeds a swollen. Grind it in to a paste and apply evenly on your scalp. Allow it remain for a few minutes (30 - 45 minutes) and rinse with flowing water.
7.   There are a few ready-made natural dandruff treatments available in the market.

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